Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald

Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald

Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving time!

Hello all! :) So Wes and I will be moving! Woohoo! I really like the place where we live...but its just a little too small, and the neighborhood is full of a bunch of meanies! I guess it is that time in life to make a move to a bigger place. One year is closing in fast on marriage! We are moving to White Rock. A one bedroom suite about a block from the beach! I'm very excited to be close to the beach again. And very excited to have off street parking and a bedroom!

I hate packing. I'm sure the majority of people out there hate it too! But my nomad blood has moved me more times than I would like to remember. Now being married I have to pack for 2 people. BARF me with a spoon. I don't mind packing if I have a ton of time. We can move in this weekend...I already started packing about a month ago..but now its all the loose ends I have to pack up. I hate shuffling around stuff! It's amazing how much junk you own and don't do anything with but refuse to part with, with the hopes of using it one day! I'm not even going to think about all the stuff I have in storage. What a pain! I don't look forward to sorting that out at all.

I wonder when Wes and I finally settle down in a home will we ever move again? I know we both dream of adventure in far away places. But will the hatred of packing keep us grounded? Only time will tell!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I need to be more thankful for the small things in life. It's so easy to be thankful for the big things. But I want to be thankful that I can walk. I can do all the small things everyday that I need to do just to get ready on my own. I need to be thankful for being able to feed myself. I really could make a list...maybe I should. Even with life's little bumps I have a good life. I also want to be MORE thankful for my Husband. He works so hard. I love him so much. I love being married to him. I feel so lucky to married to him. To belong to each other. I can't imagine not knowing him. I am so blessed. Not because I am rich by the worldly standards. But I am rich because of the life God created in me...and gave me to live. And for the things I have seen. For the heart in me. For friends and family. And for the great and even the not so great things to come.


So we did it. We bought an air mattress. Canadian tire was having a sale...and well I couldn't resist a sale! It is a double high queen. She is a big one! I set up the tent and we slept outside the last 2 nights. The first night was OK. I think we needed a little more air in the mattress. Last night was a much better sleep. Wes put some more air in the beast and it was great! I am looking forward to the camping trip even more. I can't wait to be outside for 3 days! Fresh air, cool mountain beautiful air. Lakes and rivers. And good friends. I think I am also excited that Wes will get a time to rest. He works so hard. I hope this camping trip is a relaxing time for him and for us.

I honestly can't remember the last time I went camping! I think when Kel and Craig were still state side we spent one night at the Birch Bay State Park. It was where I worked...and it was only 1 night. I don't even remember if we cooked any food. I have such fond memories of camping as a kid. I hope those memories aren't tarnished...and I find that I still really love camping!

Thanks for reading yet another blog about camping and air mattresses. Maybe my life is so dull this is what you get... :) Stay tuned to find out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Burn Ban!

I can't believe Monday is here already. Some weeks I feel like I'm in the movie Ground Hog Day! The time if flying by in this life! I really can't believe August is here already. I am so happy to see the sun out..but I can't help but think winter rain is right around the corner. I shudder at the thought. Almost every night lately I have been wanting to put up the tent and sleep outside...yes in the backyard! It's so wonderfully inviting out there...crisp cool sleepy air! The real kind of camping is coming soon. Camping is coming but so is a threat of BURN BAN! WHAT?? How can you camp without a fire?? I know in the state parks in the states it is up to the state rather you have a fire or not even with a burn ban. So I wonder if that rule is in the Canadian parks as well? We are planning on bringing our BBQ...but I can't imagine just sitting around a non fire. BOO!

I guess if there might be a fire ban then that should mean it is sunny! The lake will be nice for a dip! Wes and I went to Walmart late Friday night. We got a good deal on a cooler! We also looked in the air mattress section. We bought one...ha ha an $8.00 one. Its a twin. And it also can be used in the lake. So if it sucks to sleep on at least it might be fun in the lake or river. So far it has kept the air in it. I think tonight we might try it out. By "we" I mean one of us. Probably Wes..and I will stick to my thermarest! :) I would be very excited to sleep outside...NO FAN. I still hate the thing regardless of the wonder of air flow is creates! Well I'm off to dig out Wes' tent to air it out and get ready for a night in it! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cost of comfort

Why is a foam pad more than $100.00??? Wow...I checked out a foam store, craft store and a all in one store. 2 places had really nice foam. But they were really expensive! I remember being a kid and my Mom and Dad using a foam pad to sleep on when they were camping. I never thought that would be an expensive part of camping! I own 2 thermarests. I didn't pay $100 for them. I wouldn't pay that much. Sleep is an important part of life and nice to have a good sleep when camping...but WOW I didn't know how much it would cost. We could get an air mattress for half the price. We could get a queen air mattress for that matter! So I think we will get one. Its kind of a daunting task...not that they cost that much, but I don't want one that leaks! So I have been reading reviews. Reading reviews is exhausting by itself! People either love it, worked great for them and have bought 2! The other half of people hated it, it leaked in an hour and curse the brand! WHAT TO DO!

I had slept on an air mattress for almost and year and never had a leak. It was a twin and it was great! I never had a problem with it until I stopped using it! Ha ha what are the odds. I think it was a Coleman brand. Maybe we should try that brand again. The picture on all the boxes for the mattresses look so nice and relaxing. I just wish there was an air bed place where you could try the bed before you bought it! Maybe I should open an air mattress store.

What do you sleep on when you go camping?

Monday, July 19, 2010

zzzz's please.

Well the weekend was here...and now its gone. Monday morning...I am so sleepy. I don't know if I am fighting something...last week I was beat. Not sleeping very well. It has been hot. Which doesn't make for very good sleeping. Wes traded me spots so the fan can blow on him. This might be why I can't sleep. I am on the other side of the bed and there is a fan blowing. I really hate it. I don't mind a ceiling fan...but a table fan drives me crazy! I know there are people out there who love having a fan on them while they sleep. Wes curls up in a little ball and has a heavy down blanket on top of him. Its kinda funny actually to see him a curled up. I love sleeping with my legs stretched out. We are very opposite when it comes to sleeping positions. I would guess like most people. I wish we were the cuddling type when we sleep but I am a mover and am constantly flip flopping. Wes would be happy to just hold me down when I sleep...this only works if I am so tired I don't know if I am coming or going.

We are also cat sitting. He is a kitten. He is hyper cute. He doesn't like to sleep when we sleep. He also likes to be up very high. We live in a tiny studio. I think he might think he is trapped in one small room! Nope...that's all we have kitty! He can jump! Boy can he jump! :) He is also a good napper! ha ha he slept with me and even had his head on my pillow! What cat does that?

I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet card from Wes yesterday. We had a doozy of a fight over something very stupid and to my surprise he got me flowers! I think that's the first time he has gotten them to say sorry. It was very sweet. He really is a sweet sweet man. We are all okay now. Boy married life can be hard some days. He thinks something is so funny when I find it very offensive...ha ha I know I say dumb things that hurt his feelings to. Its learning how to minimize those times right!? I do love him like crazy. He has been such a wonderful and generous provider. I can't believe 2 more months and we will be married a year! 1 year. Wow. Where does the time go? I am excited to see what God has for us. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you looking at me?? Is my zipper down!?

Do you ever go in a store and you feel like everyone is looking at you? Wes and I went into Starbucks tonight and I felt like everyone was staring at us....Now let me paint a picture of what we look like. I am in black workout pants and a Tshirt that has a hole in the arm pit. Wes has a black Tshirt and shorts on. He has dirt on his face from work. We are both wearing hats. I didn't think we looked funny or like hobo's. But it was almost creepy how people were looking at us. Maybe I'm being paranoid because I had a hole in my arm pit and Wes had dirt on his face. Maybe they weren't looking at me at all...but I could see the whites of their eyes and it made me nervous. I couldn't even smile. It was one of the those feelings of having toilet paper on my shoe, or having my zipper down. Which I have had my zipper down before. It was very embarrassing. I had new jeans on...and thought I looked really good. I got out my car and started walking towards the food court at the Bellis Fair Mall to meet my friends. As I was walking this Mom and Daughter walked by me. I smiled and they looked at me in horror. They didn't tell me my zipper was down. They just huddle closer together and looked away. I was confused. Usually my smile doesn't make people cringe. I finally figured it out that my zipper was down. I mean really down. These pants made the zipper hole spread. Thankfully I figured it out before I got to the doors of the mall before the mall saw my underwear!

I have become so paranoid when I leave a public bathroom that I will have toilet paper on my shoes. This has never happened to me. But for some reason I FEAR this. I kick my heels up and look at each foot before I leave. Sometimes the other ladies see me...and yeah its a little awkward. If they look at me I usually shout "I'm just checking for toilet paper" before I run out the door. I don't know why this is such a fear. I fear this but some days I could care less if my hair is looking like I just went through a wind storm. I guess we all have the little things that make us crazy. I feel like I have more than a few....hee hee

I know this post is more random then normal. But that is just how my brain works!

Monday, July 12, 2010


When I'm old will I care about who parks in front of my house? Will I be mean and crazy and complain about the smallest things? Will I threaten to slash tires or call the towing company? Will I be unfriendly to the young people who live in my neighborhood? Will I take the dog for a walk around their car and have him poop all around it? I sure hope not. These questions are what Wes and I have been living with in our neighborhood. There is no love or compassion for each other. The neighborhood looks fresh, friendly, inviting and clean....Kids run free like gazelles and basketball hoops line the street. Inside the house with the manured lawn live Crankysours. I know that isn't a real word but it describes them. I can't say I have ever lived in such a hostile neighborhood. I have had some pretty interesting neighbors...but not just MEAN. I don't understand why parking in front of someones house every once in a while can make someone so mad. Maybe I will understand when I am a homeowner. If I was the only house on the block I might be mad. But can we get so mad and uptight over don't own the street. I can legally park there all I want. But I can't. I don't want to stir the pot. I don't want make things bad for my we are being bullied in our own neighborhood. We aren't loud, we are polite, say hello, don't throw loud parties, don't come home at all hours of the night. I know we aren't the only renters on the block...but really you are making the nice ones feel bad...and we might move because of it. Next renters might be drug dealers that really don't care...I hate feeling like I've done something wrong. I hate feeling like people don't like me because I am "just a renter". Life is too short to worry about such stupid things.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This week is flying by! Summer seems to finally be here. I love flip flops, the smell of sunscreen, sun tea, sprinklers, pools and late nights. I love being sun kissed and freckly! I don't love having to shave my legs and other womanly areas.....I get so used to not shaving in the winter it becomes such a chore! I mean hair grows, doesn't that mean God put it there for a reason? ha ha I know I'm reaching...but really come on!

We don't have many plans for the summer. I want to get out more to enjoy the mountains, beach, rivers, lakes, trails.....and whatever else there is out there! Last summer Wes bought us gold pans. Yes I said gold pans....He was up in Vernon and was inspired I guess! Or maybe he thinks we will strike it big one day! He went a few times without me and had fun. I went once with him and it was fun. I had no idea what I was doing. I'm also not sure I have the same amount of patience that Wes has for it. So I will give it another try or 2. Its nice to get out for a hike and play in the river at any rate! :)

We want to go camping. I hope we go camping. We might just end up setting up the tent in the backyard again. And by We I mean Me....hee hee Wes is a good sport and will go along with it. I already set it up the backyard once this year....I think its time to do it again soon! The weather is so nice. The only thing to make it better would be to have a campfire to make s'mores! :) Another summer goal. I know that sounds funny...but I can 't remember the last time I had a s'more. This summer is calling for one! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

to be blunt or not to be.....that is the question.

Ah the weekend is over. Monday is here...laundry day is here! Oh I don't mind washing and drying..but I really don't like folding and putting think one would like to complete and finish the job! :) Not me....

I have a thought or a do you handle a situation when a person is not really a friend...but a little more than an acquaintance, and you keep saying we should hangout but you never do. They constantly have an excuse, and when you do make plans they break them. Do you keep trying? Do you keep asking? Or like I did say "I would say we should hangout, but you are so busy....". Is that wrong? I just don't want to waste time on people who just say lets hangout but never do. I know we all do it from time to time. Life is busy. I am guilty of doing that to people too. Wouldn't it be better if we just said "Hey I would love to hang out, but I don't have time so we probably won' seem like a nice person, but I don't care that much to include you in my life". I can't say I would feel very secure in my "new friend making skills", but would I feel less slighted when not included or stood up?

Making new friends is hard. I don't want to be too quick to close the door on this person...but really when is it enough? I love meeting new people, I have meet many walks of life and have made a few life friends along the way. This new chapter in my life is proving very hard to make new friends. I know it takes time....but come on! I have made many new acquaintances. Guess we will just have to see how many bloom into friendships. :) I am hopeful. And maybe I will just keep trying and put my perfectionist side to rest and learn how to go with the flow a little better.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Well hello :)

Oh my....I never thought I would write a blog...I don't even know if I will write more then this. Just thought I would give it a try.

When do you stop being a newlywed...and start being married? I'm happy to be called a newlywed for a long time. I'm in no rush! :) I like the sound of it! We will be married at the end of Sep for one year. I'm happy to hit the year mark, but a little sad in knowing another year has zoomed by. This has been a strange year to say the least. It has been great in many ways...and very challenging in others. Marriage for the most part has been good. My health has been up and down(nothing too major). But that was a big strain on the marriage for a few months there! My hormones were all over the place. Getting prayer and taking some supplements have helped me get back on track!

Getting married was awesome....moving to a new not so awesome, YET! I am hopeful that it will be a good thing. My family is scattered and so are my friends....and even the small amount of friends I do have left in the area can't be bothered to cross the border. I guess since I have been crossing so often in the past 3 years it doesn't seem to phase me...but I know it can be a hassle. So I am left with a balance of not leaning on my husband for everything. I know I need to be leaning on God in all I do....but sometimes I just want to complain and have my own pity party. But in the end I know that is no way to live and I NEED GOD in all areas.

Wes works full time plus...his schedule has been all over the place. So trying to get into a steady routine is a challenge. I am left on my own most days of the week....and then the weekend comes and I need to share my Hubby. He needs time with his friends, family,hobbies or whatever he wants to do...and sometimes that means I am home alone again. I'm trying hard to think of things to do...I am finding up here I am having a hard time getting out of my comfort zone. I hope that things will be better and I will find more peace and freedom when my paper work is accepted. I'm not asking for the world...just to be acknowledge by the Canadian government that I am accepted to be here! I would like to get on my life. Ah maybe I think I will be able to get on with my life...and I should just go on... Here is the problem I am a rule follower (most of the time) to almost a fault. I don't want to drive with out a license....I don't want to work without my work visa and so I'm not sure what to do with my time! Some days are good creative days....and others are in the TV zone.

Well that's it for now. Talk to you laters! :)