Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald

Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well I am late in getting this to you. We went almost 2 weeks ago now! Time has flown by....
We went to the Abbotsford Air Show. A friend had free tickets! :) It was a great day! SOOOO HOT! It was over 36C! I thought I might pass out. Luckily our friend bought a spray bottle to cool us down! Wes was loving the heat....I don't know about him sometimes...hee hee

We got to sit in the front row! What a view. The only thing I was sad about was not finding a corn dog. Heather and I looked...and looked...but nothing. I couldn't believe it! They had everything else...but I couldn't find a corn dog. Heather later found a stand that had them, but they had sold out! BOO! Oh well...I had to settle for a "gourmet" dog. It was Japanese style....meaning it had seaweed on it. It was pretty good. :)

The show was AWESOME! It is amazing how much planes have changed over the years. Some of the bigger ones were truly amazing. I kept cheering....and I felt like the only one making any noise! Ha ha I felt like a sore thumb sticking out. Guess Canadians just don't get too excited over that stuff. Maybe I was just sitting in the wrong section. Yeah that's it. ;) All and all it was a great day....good show, friends, sun and NO SUNBURN!

Unpacking and walks!

Well it has been too long since I last posted something. I'm not sure where the time has gone. Probably unpacking...or pretending to unpack! haha I'm so sick of moving I can't even bring myself to unpack everything. I have to go slowly or I will go mental! I don't even have that much left....but my nomadic life has made me pack tooooo many times! I guess I brought it on myself :) But then again I was a single and didn't have much to pack. So I'm slowly getting there. I'm sure most people feel the same way! But this is my blog so I'm complaining! hee hee

So Wes and I have been going on walks around White Rock. It has been so awesome! We have been slowly going on longer and longer walks. We started walking up a huge hill and then coming back down. Now we started walking on the beach and up and around White Rock. I am loving it. Getting more active...spending time with Wes...and seeing new random (sometimes creepy) parts of White Rock. :) I will take my camera with me on the next walk to "show" you what I get to see. It is amazing. The ocean and the mountains.

Today Wes and I read Proverbs 8. It is about Wisdom's call. It was beautiful. Thinking about it being created before Mountains and the Ocean. Wow!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well Camping came and went. I can't believe how fast 3 nights went. I can't believe it rained either! ha ha Oh well I guess that's just how it goes with nature. It has been so nice here. The first night was actually hot! I don't think I have ever camped with a night being so warm! It was great. And I think I actually talked myself into thinking the weather forecast would be dead wrong. But I was wrong. Very wrong. I think about 5 mins after we went to sleep it started raining. I mean pouring buckets. I know it always sounds worse from inside...but I was pretty sure we were in for a very wet night! Not to mention the people who came to the campgrounds very late...kept everyone up and then got kicked out. I know I can be loud, especially when I am having fun with friends and being silly. But WOW....I can't imagine being so rude to a bunch of other people. They got kicked out and we all were able to sink back into the sounds of nature...errr I mean rain. Which is nature..ha ha you know what we mean.

Camping was fun. I got to finally have my s'mores...even though there was a burn ban. I have a new love and affection towards my BBQ. :) Hee hee it was one of the best things we had with us.

Wes and I had a few friends with us. Alaina came up from LA for a few days and was talked into going camping! :) It was so great to have her here. I can't express how good it was to have a friend here. I miss having friends. I mean people who really know me....not people that I have known for less than a year. Well you know what I mean! :) I have friends here...just not like Alaina! Wes and I did not want her to leave! We wanted to keep her!

Jeff Harger also joined our group! He was fun to have a long and proved to be handy! He also brought the game of Risk with him. It can be a fun game...and it was...but I just forgot how long it can take! ha ha But it was fun to play it again after so many years.

We had a few other people stop in for a night or some food. It was a good time for sure. It was nice to get away. I am so thankful for good friends and tarps! Wes made sure we had a tarp over head and Jeff brought a gazebo type thing. We were ready for anything.

I just need to learn to pack less food/and stuff. I must think that everyone eats like Wes! :) At least no one went hungry! :)

Thanks for everyone who came and laughed with us....and maybe at us! :) It was a much needed weekend for me. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The little spot that could....

Well it has been a little while since I have had a chance to get on here and write. We have been in the middle of moving! I am down to cleaning the floors and the oven. I hate cleaning the oven. So I put it off till the very end! I sprayed and sat! Ha ha scrubbing is for suckers! The only problem is I missed a spot. So I have to spray and wait again. I can't complain since I am able to just zone out and blog! :)I took a pic of the stubborn spot and the bottle that could kill an army! That oven cleaner is sure strong! Just wanted to say hello! Guess I should get back to the cleaning zone! :)