Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald

Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random update!

Where did October go? I am almost in count down mode for my trip back down to Oz. I can't wait to go. I get to see some of my favorite people...and meet my NEPHEW KAIDEN!! He will soon be 9 months old! He will almost be 10 months old by the time I get there. I am a little sad I missed out on the little baby stage. But I can't think of a better age to first meet him! My cousin is up visiting and we were looking at some old photos. Baby photos of Kelly, My Dad and I. You can really see where Kaiden gets some of his looks and mannerism (as much as you can tell from a picture). I hope to see some of Craig as a babe too.

My Mom flew into Oz a few days ago. She will be there for a month. My Dad just left for a round the world trip! Kelly will start radiation next Tuesday. She will be going 5 days a week for 6 weeks! Please pray for her and her family. They need rest and sleep. It has been so awesome to have family go down and help. They will have family down there till the middle of Jan! Craig's family has been amazing during all of this too. Thanks if you have been praying. Kelly is doing pretty well. She is just plain amazing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wesley/hot yoga

Where did you come from Mr. Wesley? At each turn you amaze me. You love Greek yogurt and healthy chips. Now you have started going to hot yoga with me. Yes HOT YOGA!! Wes and I definitely have some extra insulation so it makes it a little warmer for us in the 105 degree (and sometimes plus) temperature. I have gone to 3 classes so far and Wes has done 2!! I can't believe my husband is willing to get into this. I didn't have to convenience that hard! :) I think he might of wanted to try it out for himself. Getting healthy and feeling better is FINALLY coming to the top of our list of IMPORTANT THINGS to do. And let me tell feels so good!

I know, I say you have only gone 3 times!! Yes this is true and we are praying this becomes a lifestyle change and not just a passing fad. The people who go to the classes also make the experience so much better! They are so nice and encouraging. Do what you can. You will get it. It just takes time. If the gym had a complete opposite in the healthy realm...this might be it. Instead of everyone doing there own thing and not helping each other (at least this is my experience) in a cold confusing ( I might find the gym confusing, you may not) way. So far we are love/hating it. It's hard, but we are really enjoying it. I am loving the fact that Wes and I can do this together!! :)

Thanks my love for trying something new with me! You are awesome! :) ILYVM! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

O what a night....boring Friday night

Friday night! Oh Friday are so different now to me than years ago...ha ha I am finding the past couple of months I am by myself on Friday nights. Wes has been working nights and tonight he is out with one of his buddies. I am happy that he gets to spend sometime out with a friend! He works so hard he should get some time to play. I on the other hand is ready to have someone to play with. I have to say I thought being married would mean having a ready and available partner in crime whenever I needed one. Ha ha I was soooo wrong...and when I start work (which won't be till next year) I will probably see him less. Funny how that goes. If only sleeping next to your husband in bed while he snores the night away counts as quality time! Its defiantly about taking the small amount of time you get with each that counts the most. I do love you dear husband. I look forward to the small time we get together. :)

I am hoping to get out more now that I can cross the border again. I'm already planning my trips down! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

10-6-10 PRC

YAHOOOOO!!! Yesterday was the big day! I finally got my permanent resident card for Canada! Thanks for all the prayers and support over the past year. It has been 11 months since I have been able to cross the border! I am so excited for the coming weekend! Wes and I are going to Blaine to have fun much needed time together and fun with friends! We are celebrating many things for this weekend!! We just had our 1 year anniversary and weren't able to do anything since Wes had to work. Saturday is a (free) night at Semiahmoo! :) We have been so stressed out with all the waiting and all that has been going on with Kelly. I am so pleased to say she is home and doing much better! I can't believe that LADY! She almost sounds back to normal on the phone! She just had major surgery a week ago!! We are still waiting to hear back about her pathology. So PLEASE keep praying that they got all the cancer OUT!

My tickets are almost booked.....hee hee almost..they were then they weren't..and now they are hold. I will be going towards the end of November and back mid January. My Mom will be there for the start of Kelly's radiation and I will be there for the rest and the recovery part!

Well anyways I just wanted to let everyone I HAVE MY PR card now for Canada! It is such a great feeling....the stress and anxiety are melting off me! :))

Love you all.